Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Charleston, SC

Trust Your Case to a Determined Champion

Federal courts are theoretically courts of limited jurisdiction. In practice, however, almost any act deemed suspicious by law enforcement can be charged as a federal crime. If you’re facing federal charges, you should hire an experienced attorney who strives to get you the best outcome.

You deserve the right to a fair trial. Let The Law Office of Christopher W. Adams, located in Charleston, South Carolina, provide first rate legal representation for you. Federal criminal defense involves:

  • White-collar cases
  • Drug trafficking
  • Identity theft
  • Counterfeiting
  • Violent crimes
  • Gun violations
  • Immigration fraud
  • Money laundering
  • DUI charge
  • And more


Be confident with Christopher W. Adams by your side during trial. Adams will give his full attention to your case and work hard to provide you with a possible outcome. For federal criminal defense, call 843-577-2153 today and arrange for your free consultation.

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